Comparative law. International uniform law

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On Law, Morality, and Politics

The second edition of Aquinas, On Law, Morality, and Politics retains the selection of texts...

Methods of Comparative Law

Comprising an array of distinguished contributors, this pioneering volume of original contributions...

The Future of UN Human Rights Treaty Monitoring

Analyses in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the UN human rights treaty system.

Comparative Law - Engaging Translation

In an era marked by processes of economic, political and legal integration that are arguably...

Tax Havens and Sovereignty in the Pacific Islands

In recent years many countries in Oceania have developed tax havens. Using their sovereignty,...

The Theory of Contract Law: New Essays

Essays addressing a variety of issues in the theory and practice of contract law.

The Principles and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration

This book explains how and why arbitration works and provides a framework for international...

Analysis of Evidence

A book for undergraduate and postgraduate courses on evidence and proof, and on legal method.

Legal Reason: The Use of Analogy in Legal Argument

Legal Reason

The Use of Analogy in Legal Argument


Legal Reason is written in accessible prose, with examples from law and from everyday life.

Modern Legal Drafting: A Guide to Using Clearer Language

Modern Legal Drafting

A Guide to Using Clearer Language


This book examines legal language and provides guidelines for drafting in modern English.