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Cambridge Street-Names

Their Origins and Associations

Ronald Gray, Derek Stubbings and 1 more...

An illustrated compendium of the meanings of street-names in the city of Cambridge, first published...

Wharncliffe (2004)

Liverpool is a fabulous city, with a varied history: The Making of Liverpool highlights the...

Cambridge in the Age of the Enlightenment

Science, Religion and Politics from the Restoration to the French Revolution


This book traces the relationship between Anglicanism and science in late seventeenth- and...


Writer and tradesman George Sturt spent most of his life living and working in his ancestral...


Few cities,' Jan Morris observes, 'have been much more loved, loathed, and celebrated.'...

Pen and Sword (2014)

This book tells the fascinating, and largely forgotten, story of Oxford's part in the Great War....


King James I once said that if he were not a king he would like to be an Oxford man. `I was a...

Wharncliffe (2003)

Wharncliffe Books are delighted to present 'Barnsley Streets - Volume 4'. This is the...

Manchester in 1844

Its Present Condition and Future Prospects


Published in 1969, Manchester in 1844 is a valuable contribution to the field of History.

Travel Liverpool, England, UK

Illustrated Guide and Maps


Table of Contents:Essentials: A-Z INDEX | Eat | Drink | Sleep | Stay Safe | Driving in UK1. General:...