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Conceptual Mathematics: A First Introduction to Categories

Conceptual Mathematics

A First Introduction to Categories


This truly elementary book on categories introduces retracts, graphs, and adjoints to students and...

Linear Algebra For Dummies
Wiley (2009)

Learn to: Solve linear algebra equations in several ways Put data in order with matrices ...

Category Theory
OUP Oxford (2010)

A comprehensive reference to category theory for students and researchers in mathematics, computer...

Spline Functions: Basic Theory

A reference/advanced text on part of applied analysis with applications in numerical analysis and...

An Introduction to Homological Algebra

A portrait of the subject of homological algebra as it exists today.

Enumerative Combinatorics: Volume 2

An introduction, suitable for beginning graduate students, showing connections to other areas of...

Algebra and Geometry

Unified introduction to algebra and geometry, emphasising links between the topics. It is ideal for...

Linear Algebra Demystified

Taught at junior level math courses at every university, Linear Algebra is essential for students in...

The Equations: Icons of Knowledge

The Equations

Icons of Knowledge


In this book by the renowned Dutch physicist Sander Bais, the equations that govern our world unfold...

Negative Binomial Regression

A substantial enhancement of the only text devoted entirely to the negative binomial model and its...