Theory of functions

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Introduction to Hp Spaces

This edition has two new appendices by V. P. Havin plus numerous improvements, additions and...

Theory of H[superscript p] spaces

The theory of HP spaces has its origins in discoveries made forty or fifty years ago by such...

Schaum's Outline of Complex Variables, 2ed

The guide that helps students study faster, learn better, and get top grades More than 40 million...

Complex Variables: Introduction and Applications

This 2003 edition is ideal for use in undergraduate and introductory graduate level courses in...

Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping

A comprehensive look at the Schwarz-Christoffel transformation, including its many applications.

Elliptic Functions

A beginning graduate level treatment of elliptic functions with a huge array of examples, first...

Special Functions

An overview of special functions, focusing on the hypergeometric functions and the associated...

TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator For Dummies
Wiley (2004)

Would you order a multi-course gourmet buffet and just eat salad? If you have a TI-83 Plus graphing...

Complex Analysis

With this second volume, we enter the intriguing world of complex analysis. From the first theorems...

Applied Complex Variables for Scientists and Engineers

This introductory text on complex variable methods has been updated with even more examples and...