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This book presents 100 cases in pediatric pathology, ranging from the basic  to more sophisticated...

Challenging Cases in Pediatric Diagnosis

Cases From Pediatrics in Review Index of Suspicion and Visual Diagnosis

The real-life cases in Pediatrics in Review popular Index of Suspicion feature have intrigued and...


Presents the basics of MR practice and theory as the practitioner first meets them.


Hands-on text for a first course aimed at end-users, focusing on concepts, practical issues and...

Drugs in Use

Case Studies for Pharmacists and Prescribers


Drugs in Use: Case Studies for Pharmacists and Prescribers helps you to bridge the gap between...

101 Defenses

How the Mind Shields Itself


Defenses are mental operations that restore or maintain psychic equilibrium when people feel that...


An illustrated account of chest X-ray interpretation, using 100 clinical case studies.


Practical easy-to-use system for interpreting CT head images, with an abundance of quality images.

Introduction to Medical Imaging

Physics, Engineering and Clinical Applications


Covers the basics of medical imaging together with state-of-the-art concepts and theory, relevant...

Every Patient Tells a Story

Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis

A riveting exploration of the most difficult and important part of what doctors do, by Yale School...