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Thinking About Exhibitions

An anthology of writings on exhibition practice from artists, critics, curators and art historians...

Museum Marketing and Strategy: Designing Missions, Building Audiences, Generating Revenue and Resources

Museum Marketing and Strategy

Designing Missions, Building Audiences, Generating Revenue and Resources

Neil G. Kotler, Philip Kotler and 1 more...
Wiley (2008)

This newly revised and updated edition of the classic resource on museum marketing and strategy...

Managing World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites are some of the most recognised locations around the world. They include...

Museums and Education: Purpose, Pedagogy, Performance

Museums and Education

Purpose, Pedagogy, Performance


At the beginning of the 21st century museums are challenged on a number of fronts. The...

Marketing the Arts: A Fresh Approach

In recent years, there have been significant shifts in arts marketing, both as a practice and an...

The Manual of Museum Management

The Manual of Museum Management presents a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the principles...

Marketing the Museum

Marketing the Museum is the ideal guide to the ways in which museums can overcome the numerous...

Museum Management

Collecting a selection of essential writings by some of the leading authors in the field, Kevin...

Heritage Marketing

Heritage Marketing is a new and clearly written textbook that systematically addresses the...

Museum Marketing

Museums have moved from a product to a marketing focus within the last ten years. This has entailed...