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Afro-Latino Voices

Narratives from the Early Modern Ibero-Atlantic World, 1550-1812

"A groundbreaking book . . . provides a broad and rich sampling of documents recording the...

Germany's Genocide of the Herero

Kaiser Wilhelm II, His General, His Settlers, His Soldiers


This study recounts the reasons why the order for the Herero genocide was very likely issued by the...

Darfur and the International Community

The Challenges of Conflict Resolution in Sudan

I.B.Tauris (2010)

The Darfur conflict has presented the international community with a number of challenges. How can...

Zulu Zulu Golf

Life and Death with Koevoet

‘There is no dignity in death. Six bodies are piled up in front of me, shot to shit. I can see that...


The New York Times reports that since 1990 more Africans have voluntarily relocated...


A New History of a Long War

Zed Books (2008)

Darfur has become synonymous with genocide and humanitarian crisis. A guide to the conflict, this...

The First Sudanese Civil War

Africans, Arabs, and Israelis in the Southern Suda


This book is a comprehensive investigation, discussion, and analysis of the origins and development...

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German colonial rule in Namibia: an annotated reprint of the 1918 Blue Book

BRILL (2003)

The year 2004 marks the centenary of the outbreak of the Namibian war against German rule. It is...

Settled Strangers

Asian Business Elites in East Africa (1800-2000)


Settled Strangers aims at understanding the social, economic and political evolution of the...

The African Diaspora

Slavery, Modernity, and Globalization


In this definitive study of the African diaspora in North America, Toyin Falola offers a causal...