Balkan States

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A comparative analysis of the dominant ideologies and modes of legitimization in communist...

Stalinism for All Seasons

A Political History of Romanian Communism

Stalinism for All Seasons is the first comprehensive history of the Romanian Communist Party (RCP)....

Conflict and Cohesion in Socialist Yugoslavia

Political Decision Making Since 1966


Steven L. Burg views Yugoslav politics since 1966 in terms of the communist leadership's efforts to...

Civic and Uncivic Values in Macedonia

Value Transformation, Education and Media


One of the central challenges facing Macedonia, along with other Yugoslav successor states, is to...


While sovereignty is increasingly contested within academic circles, most recent military conflicts...


A multi-year project designed to promote democracy in post-communist Albania through the country's...


This is a study of party development in the post-communist world. Based on extensive fieldwork in...

After the Revolution

Youth, Democracy, and the Politics of Disappointment in Serbia


What happens to student activism once mass protests have disappeared from view, and youth no longer...

Conditioning Democratization

Institutional Reforms and EU Membership Conditionality in Albania and Macedonia

Anthem Press (2014)

This book analyzes the effects of European Union membership conditionality on institutional reforms...