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Marx: Selected Writings

Featuring the most important and enduring works from Marx's enormous corpus, this collection ranges...

The Republic of Plato
Basic Books (2016)

The definitive translation of the most influential text in this history of Western philosophy ...

How Democracy Ends
Basic Books (2018)

How will democracy end? And what will replace it? A preeminent political scientist examines the...

The Communist Manifesto

Commonly known as The Communist Manifesto , the Manifesto of the Communist Party (in German...

The Cold War: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2003)

How, when, and why did the Cold War begin? Why did it last so long? What impact did it have on the...

The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers

The Party

The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers

HarperCollins (2010)

“Few outsiders have any realistic sense of the innards, motives, rivalries, and fears of the Chinese...

The Cold War: A New History

The dean of Cold War historians ( The New York Times ) now presents the definitive account of the...

The Communist Manifesto

This is one the world's greatest political documents in content, style, and influence, written by...

Beyond Totalitarianism: Stalinism and Nazism Compared

These essays rethink the nature of Stalinism and Nazism and establish a new methodology for viewing...

The Real North Korea: Life and Politics in the Failed Stalinist Utopia

The Real North Korea

Life and Politics in the Failed Stalinist Utopia


In The Real North Korea, Lankov substitutes cold, clear analysis for the overheated rhetoric...