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Trump in the White House


“Explosive.”— The Washington Post “Devastating.”— The New Yorker “Unprecedented.”—CNN ...

Proof of Collusion

How Trump Betrayed America


For the first time, the full, explosive record of the unthinkable: how a US president compromised...

Texas Tough

The Rise of America's Prison Empire


A vivid history of America's biggest, baddest prison system and how it came to lead the nation's...

#1 National Bestseller From two of our most fiercely moral voices, a passionate call to arms...


In the third edition of his classic work, revised extensively and updated to include recent...


Guarding Sing Sing

Acclaimed journalist Ted Conover sets a new standard for bold, in-depth reporting in this...

Human Rights and Social Work

Towards Rights-Based Practice


This engaging and enlightening third edition explores how the principles of human rights inform...

The Arab Uprisings

What Everyone Needs to Know®


The Arab Uprisings: What Everyone Needs to Know ® answers readers' questions about the history and...

Criminal Psychology

Nature, Nurture, Culture


Criminal psychology is the application of the principles of normal and abnormal psychology to the...

Facts and Fears

Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence


New York Times bestseller The former Director of National Intelligence's candid and compelling...