Iterative methods (Mathematics)

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Iterative Krylov Methods for Large Linear Systems

Overview of iterative solutions methods for systems of linear equations. For graduate students and...

Computational Theory of Iterative Methods

The book is designed for researchers, students and practitioners interested in using fast and...

Some Successive Approximation Methods in Control and Oscillation Theory by Peter L Falb and Jan L de Jong

In this book, we study theoretical and practical aspects of computing methods for mathematical...

Iterative Solution of Nonlinear Equations in Several Variables

Computer Science and Applied Mathematics: Iterative Solution of Nonlinear Equations in Several...

Iterative Optimization in Inverse Problems
CRC Press (2014)

Iterative Optimization in Inverse Problems brings together a number of important iterative...

Artificial Boundary Method

"Artificial Boundary Method" systematically introduces the artificial boundary method for the...

Convergence and Applications of Newton-type Iterations

This book presents iterative methods for solving nonlinear equations. It applies theoretical results...

The ADI Model Problem

This book presents the foundations of Alternating Direction Implicit iteration for systems with both...

Operators and Iterative Processes of Fejér Type: Theory and Applications
De Gruyter (2009)

The Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems Series is a series of monographs publishing postgraduate level...