Statistical hypothesis testing

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Randomization Tests
CRC Press (2007)

The number of innovative applications of randomization tests in various fields and recent...

How to Think About Analysis
OUP Oxford (2014)

Analysis is a core subject in most undergraduate mathematics degrees. It is elegant, clever and...

100 Statistical Tests

This expanded and updated Third Edition of Gopal K. Kanji's best-selling resource on statistical...

Applied Asymptotics: Case Studies in Small-Sample Statistics

Applied Asymptotics

Case Studies in Small-Sample Statistics

A. R. Brazzale, A. C. Davison and 1 more...

First practical treatment of small-sample asymptotics, enabling practitioners to apply new methods...

Single-case and Small-n Experimental Designs: A Practical Guide To Randomization Tests, Second Edition

Single-case and Small-n Experimental Designs

A Practical Guide To Randomization Tests, Second Edition

Pat Dugard, Portia File and 1 more...

This practical guide explains the use of randomization tests and provides example designs and macros...

Smooth Tests of Goodness of Fit: Using R
Wiley (2009)

In this fully revised and expanded edition of Smooth Tests of Goodness of Fit , the latest powerful...

Multiple Imputation and its Application
Wiley (2012)

A practical guide to analysing partially observed data. Collecting, analysing and drawing...

Statistical Hypothesis Testing with SAS and R
Wiley (2014)

A comprehensive guide to statistical hypothesis testing with examples in SAS and R When analyzing...

Permutation Tests for Complex Data: Theory, Applications and Software
Wiley (2010)

Complex multivariate testing problems are frequently encountered in many scientific disciplines,...

What If There Were No Significance Tests?

This book is the result of a spirited debate stimulated by a recent meeting of the Society of...