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Adaptive High-Resolution Sensor Waveform Design for Tracking

Recent innovations in modern radar for designing transmitted waveforms, coupled with new algorithms...

Purely Functional Data Structures

This book describes data structures and data structure design techniques for functional languages.

First Course in Algorithms Through Puzzles

This textbook introduces basic algorithms and explains their analytical methods. All algorithms and...

Data Structures and Algorithms Using C#

First comprehensive tutorial and reference for C# implementation of data structures and algorithms.

Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World

Networks, Crowds, and Markets

Reasoning about a Highly Connected World


Reveals the interdisciplinary field of networks, which changes how we look at social, financial and...

Algorithmic Game Theory

This book, first published in 2007, covers algorithmic game theory, with contributions from all the ...

Data Structures Demystified

Whether you are an entry-level or seasoned designer or programmer, learn all about data structures...

How to Think About Algorithms

Textbook that teaches students how to think about algorithms like an expert, without getting bogged...

Algorithmic Puzzles

Algorithmic puzzles are puzzles involving well-defined procedures for solving problems. This book...

Algorithms on Strings

Detailed algorithms for string processes and pattern matching have examples from natural language...