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Maestro Martino of Como has been called the first celebrity chef, and his extraordinary treatise on...


An Amateur Cook in a Professional Kitchen

A highly acclaimed writer and editor, Bill Buford left his job at The New Yorker for a most...

The Mafia Cookbook

Revised and Expanded


In The Mafia Cookbook, Joe Dogs took the quintessential Mob formula -- murder, betrayal, food --...

The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

A Delicious Alternative for Lifelong Health

The eating style proven to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Cooking Light named The...

The Pizza Bible

The World's Favorite Pizza Styles, from Neapolitan, Deep-Dish, Wood-Fired, Sicilian, Calzones and Focaccia to New York, New Haven, Detroit, and more

A comprehensive guide to making pizza, covering nine different regional styles--including...

Baking with the Cake Boss

100 of Buddy's Best Recipes and Decorating Secrets

Atria Books (2011)

CALL IT THE BUDDY SYSTEM, because Baking with the Cake Boss is an education in the art of baking...


The Epic History of the Italians and Their Food

Atria Books (2008)

Buon appetito! Everyone loves Italian food. But how did the Italians come to eat so well? The...

The Body in the Piazza

A Faith Fairchild Mystery

HarperCollins (2013)

Faith Fairchild and her husband are celebrating a big anniversary with a trip to Italy, filled with...

Vegan Italiano

Meat-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free Dishes from Sun-Drenched Italy


In the sumptuous style of classic Italian cuisine, this collection of delectably authentic recipes...

Atria Books (2015)

“This book is the single most important work of my life. It represents decades of enjoying and...