Special classes of buildings

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The Anatomy of a Golf Course

The Art of Golf Architecture

Burford Books (2013)

A key book for the golfer's library, exploring the intricacies of golf architecture—and how this...

21st Century Security and CPTED

Designing for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Crime Prevention

CRC Press (2008)

Once overlooked as a minor and ineffective tactic in the mitigation and prevention of terrorism and...


The Splendor and the Scandal: Building St. Peter's


In this dramatic journey through religious and artistic history, R. A. Scotti traces the defining...

Up from Zero

Politics, Architecture, and the Rebuilding of New York

In Up from Zero, Paul Goldberger, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, tells the inside story of the...


Shopping centers have become the most common of shopping environments and have influenced the...


Eco-Resorts is a design guide for low impact, environmentally friendly tourist resorts in the...

Wiley (2015)

The bestselling guide to architectural drawing, with new information, examples, and resources ...

Universe of Stone

Chartres Cathedral and the Invention of the Gothic

HarperCollins (2009)

Chartres Cathedral, south of Paris, is revered as one of the most beautiful and profound works of...

Wiley (2002)

Planning to initiate designs for government, academic, and private research laboratories? Here's the...

The Modern Airport Terminal

New Approaches to Airport Architecture


This comprehensive guide to the planning and design of airport terminals and their facilities covers...