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African Queen

The Real Life of the Hottentot Venus

Saartjie Baartman was twenty-one years old when she was taken from her native South Africa and...


As South Africa moves towards majority rule, and blacks begin to exercise direct political power,...


The essays in this volume explore the complexities of the relationship between states, social groups...

Imperial Networks

Creating Identities in Nineteenth-Century South Africa and Britain


Imperial Networks investigates the discourses and practices of British colonialism. It reveals how...

Genetics, Mass Media and Identity

A Case Study of the Genetic Research on the Lemba


This is the first book to explore the effect of genetic research on the Lemba Judaising community of...


The release of Nelson Mandela from twenty-seven years imprisonment in 1990 and the free elections...

A Commonwealth of Knowledge

Science, Sensibility, and White South Africa 1820-2000

OUP Oxford (2006)

This is the first full study of the relationship of knowledge to national identity formation in...

Waste of a White Skin

The Carnegie Corporation and the Racial Logic of White Vulnerability

A pathbreaking history of the development of scientific racism, white nationalism, and...

Spinach Soup for the Walls

Finding My Spirit in Africa

Andrews UK (2013)

The author has lived in wonderful places, from Nigeria to South America, Oman to the Gabon...

The Fall of Apartheid

The Inside Story from Smuts to Mbeki


The Fall of Apartheid tells the extraordinary story of how apartheid came into being, secured its...