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Optimization Models

This accessible textbook demonstrates how to recognize, simplify, model and solve optimization...

5G Mobile and Wireless Communications Technology

A comprehensive overview of the 5G landscape covering technology options, most likely use cases and...

Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing
CRC Press (2016)

The second edition of a bestseller, this definitive text covers all aspects of testing and...

Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices

An updated edition of a classic, invaluable for both practical transistor design and teaching.

A Student's Guide to Atomic Physics

A concise overview of the fundamental concepts and applications of atomic physics for students...

Waveform Design for Active Sensing Systems: A Computational Approach

Waveform Design for Active Sensing Systems

A Computational Approach

Hao He, Jian Li and 1 more...

Ideal for researchers and practitioners looking to develop and use computational algorithms for...

Easy Electronics

This is the simplest, quickest, least technical, most affordable introduction to basic electronics....

Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control

Modern Robotics

Mechanics, Planning, and Control


A modern and unified treatment of the mechanics, planning, and control of robots, suitable for a...

Radio Resource Management in Wireless Networks: An Engineering Approach

This book allows readers to gain an in-depth understanding of resource allocation problems in...

Lightwave Communications

Rigorous and comprehensive, this pioneering text is the first to combine communications theory with...