Relation to, and treatment of, special subjects

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What is Scenography?

Pamela Howard's What is Scenography? has become a classic text in contemporary theatre design and...

Changing Direction: A Practical Approach to Directing Actors in Film and Theatre: Foreword by Ang Lee

This approach, honed after years of on-set experience and from teaching at UCLA, NYU, and Columbia,...

Community Performance: An Introduction

Community Performance: An Introduction is a comprehensive and accessible practice-based primer for...

Recovering Shakespeare's Theatrical Vocabulary

Dessen investigates what a playgoer actually saw on stage at the first performance of, for example,...

An Introduction to Post-Colonial Theatre

This book provides an introduction to post-colonial theatre by concentrating on the work of major...

The Straw

Irish-American playwright Eugene O'Neill is credited with altering the trajectory of American...

The Hairy Ape

One of the most significant plays of the twentieth century, Eugene O'Neill's The Hairy Ape...

African Drama and Performance

African Drama and Performance is a collection of innovative and wide-ranging essays...

African Theatre for Development: Art for Self-determination

African Theatre for Development

Art for Self-determination


This book acts as a forum for investigating how African Theatre works and what its place is in this...

Women's Intercultural Performance

This is the first in-depth examination of contemporary intercultural performance by women around the...