Primary education

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Allen & Unwin (2007)

An innovative and practical introduction to teaching science to primary students.

Reading with Meaning

Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades


If you can imagine a primary classroom where all the children are engaged and motivated; where the...

Growing Readers

Units of Study in the Primary Classroom


Primary-grade teachers face an important challenge: teaching children how to read while enabling...


In her previous books, Literacy Work Stations and Practice with Purpose , Debbie Diller showed...

Talking, Drawing, Writing

Lessons for Our Youngest Writers


In the early grades, talking and drawing can provide children with a natural pathway to writing, yet...

Inventing a Classroom

Life in a Bilingual, Whole Language Learning Community


Inventing a Classroom is the story of how “the Sunshine room,” Caryl Crowell’s third-grade...

Reading with Meaning, 2nd edition

Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades


In the second edition of  Reading with Meaning , Debbie Miller shares her new thinking about...

English Language Learners Day by Day

A Complete Guide to Literacy, Content-Area, and Language Instruction

Heinemann (2009)

In English Language Learners Day by Day, Christina Celic answers the question, “How can I teach...

ASCD (1999)

A guide to teaching beginning language learners introduces the picture word inductive model of...


A Literacy Story


"It is remarkable how people's lives intertwine. People move in and out of our world, affecting us...