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Describes and illustrates more than 50 species of shorebirds in Australia.


This phenomenally successful guide to the wealth and variety of fish in Australia’s tropical...


A complete guide to locating every resident bird species in Australia.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of North American Birds

An Essential Guide to Common Birds of North America


The Encyclopedia of North American Birds describes and illustrates over 1,000 birds, from the...

The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of European Birds

An Essential Guide to Birds of Europe


The Encyclopedia of European Birds describes and illustrates over 1,000 birds. With Over 30,000...


The ecology, systematics, biogeography and management of the area's native fish.

Illus. in full color. Chock-full of information about the most sensitive, intelligent, and friendly...

The Koala

Natural History, Conservation and Management, Second Edition


Perhaps the most long-awaited new edition in the Australian Natural History Series, this is a...


King of the Bush


A complete overview of Kookaburras and their unique place in Australian culture and natural history.


The most authoritative account yet of the status of Australia's birds.